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ChemDraw® and EndNote

    Kyse on siitä, että saat aikaa varsinaiseen tutkimukseen. Kun kirjoitat julkaisuja, sinun on keskityttävä olennaiseen ja käytettävä apua muuhun. ChemDraw ja EndNote voidaan käyttää yhdessä tieteellisissä asiakirjoissa olevien viitteiden ja viittausten hallintaan, mikä vapauttaa tarvitsemasi ajan.

    From EndNote to ChemDraw to your Document

    You can use both software tools together by following these steps: 

    1. In EndNote, locate the reference you want to cite in your ChemDraw document and copy the reference (e.g., select the reference and use the “Copy” command or keyboard shortcut). 
    1. In ChemDraw, create your chemical structure or diagram. 
    1. Go to the location in your ChemDraw document where you want to insert the reference and paste the reference you copied from EndNote (e.g., use the “Paste” command or keyboard shortcut). 
    1. In the pasted reference text, delete any information you don’t need (e.g., author names, publication dates, abstracts), leaving only the relevant information (e.g., title, journal name, volume, page numbers). 
    1. Manually format the reference text according to your citation style (e.g., italicise journal names, use abbreviated titles, etc.).
    1. In your ChemDraw document, add a reference number or citation marker to indicate where the reference will appear in your bibliography. 
    1. In your EndNote library, create a bibliography that includes the reference you cited in your ChemDraw document. 
    1. Copy the formatted bibliography from EndNote and paste it into your final document (e.g., Word document, LaTeX file). 

    By using EndNote and ChemDraw together, you can easily cite references in your chemical structures and diagrams while maintaining control over the formatting and organisation of your bibliography.

    From ChemDraw to EndNote to your Document

    You can also copy chemical structures or diagrams from ChemDraw into your EndNote library. Here’s how: 

    1. Create the chemical structure or diagram you want to add to your EndNote library in ChemDraw.
    1. Select the chemical structure or diagram, and copy it to your clipboard (e.g., use the “Copy” command or keyboard shortcut). 
    1. In EndNote, open the reference to which you want to attach the chemical structure or diagram. 
    1. In the reference editing window, go to the “Figure” field (or create a new field if necessary). 
    1. Paste your clipboard’s chemical structure or diagram into the “Figure” field. 
    1. Optionally, add a caption or description of the figure in the “Caption” field. 
    1. Save the changes to the reference. 
    1. The figure and caption will be included when you insert the reference into a document (e.g., in Microsoft Word). 

    Please note that the ability to add figures to references may depend on the version of EndNote you are using. Additionally, structures or diagrams you copy from ChemDraw may be pasted into EndNote as an image file. Later you may need to adjust the size and position of the figure within the reference editing window.