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PLSplus IQ Spectroscopy Chemometrics Toolbox

    PLSplus IQ includes powerful multivariate analysis tools for building quantitative calibrations as well as qualitative models for discriminant analysis. In fact qualitative and quantitative methods can be linked together to provide a complete spectroscopic model of your samples. PLSplus/IQ also includes calibration transfer capabilities allowing calibrations to be moved from instrument to instrument. This add-on module is the complete solution for analysts looking to apply chemometric calibrations in the laboratory and on the production line.

    Key Features
    Easy-to-use Training Set Editor
    Versatile Experiment Manager
    Powerful Report Viewer
    Custom Prediction Reports
    Calibration Transfer Tool

    Tekniset vaatimukset

    • GRAMS/32, GRAMS/AI
    • Pentium recommended, 486 required
    • Windows 95, 98, NT4
    • Video card capable of 256 colors at 800×600 or better
    • 24MB memory recommended
    • 2MB disk space required
    • CD-ROM drive