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Mathcad Integration – Integrate data across software and systems

    Mathcad features interoperability and connectivity with many popular desktop and engineering applications, including:

    • Microsoft Office, Excel, Visio and other Office products
    • Pro/ENGINEER
    • SmartSketch
    • VisSim
    • MATLAB
    • ODBC-compliant databases including Microsoft Access and FoxPro

    The formal bi-directional integration between Mathcad and Pro/ENGINEER enables unique predictive engineering capabilities. Mathcad can be used to predict the behaviour of designs and subsequently drive the key parameters and dimensions used in Pro/ENGINEER CAD models.

    Binary read/write support for uniform, arbitrary, homogenous binary format files gives users the flexibility of directly importing or exporting detailed and compact data sets. File I/O components support mixed-format data, including strings, exponential notation, complex numbers, and real numbers, to ensure data integrity when passing mixed data types. File Input and Output also allow in-place control over rows and columns, allowing file headers and footers to be left in the original data without interfering with import.