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    Read and evaluate texts your way. Citavi fits all reading styles: you can minutely analyze and comment on the text – or quickly highlight the most important sections. Working in a team? Easily share your insights with your colleagues.


    • Read PDFs and highlight important sections. You can later revisit the text and transform highlights for additional work in Citavi.
    • Write up detailed evaluations for your references or quickly rate them with stars.

    Excerpt quotations

    • Save information and ideas while you read: copy quotations, summaries, thoughts, comments and image quotations.
    • If you’re using Citavi for a paper or a report, assign them to the chapters, sections and subsections in your outline.
    • All items automatically include their source information. Citavi protects you from unintentional plagiarism.
    • Citavi’s hierarchical category system is perfect for organizing your quotations, images, summaries, comments, thoughts, and ideas into sections for later use in a document.

    Katso iso kuva

    • Export all knowledge items as a compilation – with their categories and including a bibliography. This gives you a good overview of how far along you are in your project.
    • Compilations can also be used as a handout in team meetings or for discussions.