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    Citavi gives you many options for where to store your data – either alone or in a team.

    • Citavi for DBServer is designed for large teams in organizations.
    • DBServer projects are saved on an SQL server on-site and can be used with concurrent and/or per seat licenses.
    • An administrator manages licenses and assigns project roles to individual team members.


    Save online

    • If you save individual or group projects in the Citavi Cloud, you can access them from anywhere in the world. There’s no limit on the number of team members.
    • If you’re offline, you can continue working and Citavi will upload your changes later on.
    • Projects are saved on Microsoft Azure servers located in Europe.

    Save locally – on a network drive or your own computer

    • Save individual projects locally on your own computer.
    • Work with a small group on shared projects at the same time on a local network.
    • You only need to save the Citavi project on a network drive that all team members can access.
    • Up to four people can work on a project at the same time on a local network.

    Manage PDFs and other files

    • Unlike in other reference management programs, you always have direct access to your PDFs in Citavi.
    • Better than your company’s Intranet. Save all PDFs in a central location and easily find them again.
    • More flexible than saving in folders – add to multiple categories and tag files.
    • Search the full-text of all PDFs and combine with metadata searches.
    • Additional options available for organizations to help manage access at the folder level.