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Nvivo Plus

    NVivo 12 Plus for Windows offers all the functionality of NVivo 12 Pro for Windows plus innovative social network analysis and automation tools. Now with enhanced support for mixed-methods data, faster loading times and easier navigation, NVivo 12 Plus can help you unlock new insights in minutes.

    Automate coding

    Save time by automatically grouping information such as themes and positive or negative sentiment from large volumes of text in minutes. Develop preliminary results at the start of a project, or validate your thinking as you work. Teach NVivo how to code your data using pattern-based auto coding to automatically categorize and classify data.

    Automate coding PLUS 370px x 300px 1

    Analyze social networks

    Discover influencers and opinion leaders and study the information flow using Social Network Analysis. Automatically create sociogram visualizations to see network relationships and interactions, and use metrics to discover critical network roles like influencers, connectors and brokers. See who’s tweeting and re-tweeting who.

    Analyze social networks PLUS 370px x 300px

    Enhanced data visualization

    Visualize how a particular central person is connected to other people, and how those people are connected to each other with egocentric sociograms. See the connections, or lack of connections between a group of people with network sociograms. And visualize Twitter datasets to see networks of Twitter users and how they are connected with social media sociograms.

    Enhanced data visualization PLUS 370px x 300px


    Easy to learn and to use

    Only see tabs and commands when you need them using our redesigned navigation toolbar. Easily group project items according to research tasks using the Navigation View. Thanks to a streamlined layout, classifying your data and working with cases has never been easier.

    Easy to learn and use ALTERNATIVE PRO 370px x 300px

    Organize information automatically

    Pin your frequently used folders and items in navigation view for quick access to what you need. Store your thinking in memos for faster, more transparent and reliable reporting. Use annotations to make notes as you work so you don’t lose ideas you might want to explore later.

    Keep everything in one place and Store Organize PRO 370px x 300px 1

    Enhance your mixed methods analysis

    Use crosstabs to analyze themes by one or two attributes – like age or occupation – or by cases for enhanced mixed methods research. Totals are automatically calculated and the results can be saved as a SPSS file (.sav) for further statistical analysis.

    Enhance your mixed methods analysis PRO 370px x 300px

    Ask questions of your data

    Use queries to ask complex questions and identify new meaning in your data. Test ideas, explore patterns and see connections between themes, topics, people and places. Look for emerging themes, find words and discover concepts using text search and word frequency queries.

    Ask questions of your data PRO 370px x 300px 1

    Visualize your research

    Visualize your data with the most comprehensive range of visualizations: charts, mind maps, word clouds, explore, comparison diagrams and many more. When you’re ready to share your findings, it’s easy to export your visualizations into reports and presentations.

    VIsualize your research PRO 370px x 300px 1

    Import and share your findings

    Import SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics surveys directly into NVivo. Import and share information from Microsoft Excel, IBM SPSS Statistics and reference management software. Order transcripts from NVivo which then sync with your other data. Import notes collected on-the-go from Evernote and OneNote.

    Import and share your findings PRO 370px x 300px 1