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Sencha GRUI

High-performance, feature-rich grid for React applications

Sencha GRUI is a modern enterprise-grade grid solution for React UI that comes with 100+ data grid features. The Ext JS grid has been rebuilt from the ground up to use modern JavaScript and a new architecture that will deliver all the same features and improved performance in an easy-to-use React API.

  • Quick integration
  • Easy customization
  • Custom data loading
  • Handles massive amounts of data
  • No additional plugins required
  • Smaller footprint/payload than other grid solutions

A whole new architecture that will deliver all the same great features and even better performance in an easy-to-use React API.


What is Sencha GRUI?

JetBrains WebStorm Overview video

All the power of the Sencha grid with the ease of React

Mission-critical apps rely on the performance of their data grid components. With custom layouts and simple integration with React, GRUI by Sencha renders unparalleled performance to enterprise applications.

The Sencha data grid for React JavaScript and TypeScript applications.

Sencha GRUI plus React
GRUI – Sencha Grid for React User Interfaces

Introduction to GRUI

Features in Sencha GRUI

High-Performing Robust Grid For Your Most Data-Intensive Inputs

  • Ability to handle millions of records.
  • Large feature set (filtering, grouping, infinite scrolling, and more).
  • Full customization control.
  • Data Export capabilities (csv, tsv, html, pdf, xls).
  • Pre-tested across a wide range of platforms and browsers.
  • Easy UI component integration to the grid.
  • Incredibly Fast Data Processing
  • Processing massive amounts of data is never a problem. With client and server-side buffered stores, our grid can load and manipulate large data sets within milliseconds!

Virtual Columns in Sencha GRUI

Virtualized rendering isn’t just for rows with GRUI. Configure an unlimited number of columns; GRUI will only render the visible columns. Massive performance increases for applications that need large numbers of columns.

Infinite Scrolling

Using a Virtual Store to create and manage active range records. This will monitor the scrolling in the grid. Refresh the view rows from the page cache as needed

Slider Paging Toolbar in Sencha GRUI

The paging toolbar allows you to paginate forwards and backwards in the record sets with the slider buttons and input field.

Column Drag and Drop

Reorder columns with drag and drop. Quick re-ordering.

Column Editors

Each column type has its own editor. But just like columns, you can create your own custom editors using React components.


GRUI License Options

Simple and transparent pricing for all of your products/projects.

Community Edition

  • Unlimited end users
  • Unlimited products
  • Includes apps in production
  • Includes internal apps
  • Perpetual license
  • Attribution watermark required

Enterprise Edition

  • Unlimited end users
  • Unlimited products
  • Includes apps in production
  • Includes internal apps
  • Perpetual license
  • Advanced grid features included
  • 12 months of updates & technical support
  • Optional maintenance – 70% discount


Sencha GRUI Support

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