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New – RAD Server Technical Guide

    RESTful architectures are a key driving force behind modern API first application design. This book focuses on the RAD Server framework included with RAD Studio (Delphi/C++Builder) for developing such platforms.

    RAD Server is a full backend MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) that enables Desktop, Mobile and Web frontend development in any language, and this book is designed as a definitive guide for developers.

    The benefit of a MEAP is that you have a pre-built cloud or on-prem server with many core capabilities (such as push notifications, user tracking and analytics) that you can plug into rapidly to deliver remote database and functional access.

    This guide to Embarcadero RAD Server, originally authored by David I (2019), is in its second edition, revised by Antonio Zapater (2023), which includes many additional features added based on market demand since RAD Servers Launch.

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