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Database Development with FireDAC


    mai 28, 2024    
    09:00 - 16:00


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    Goals and benefits

    This one-day training course will introduce you to the FireDAC framework, which is available in VCL and Firemonkey applications and allows you to connect to and work with various databases with Delphi.

    –  We will go through the components needed to connect to a given database, locally or remotely (Remote requires Delphi Enterprise or better), and see how to connect to them
    –  We will go through different ways of retrieving data from a database. Including basic Tdataset knowledge
    –  We’ll go through different ways of hooking up the data to the GUI
    –  We’ll see how to work with a disconnected database
    –  We’ll see the advantages of working with ORM
    –  We’ll go into parameterised queries vs straight SQL queries
    –  We’ll see how and when to use Transactions and when not to
    –  We’ll see how to use cached updates effectively
    –  We’ll get into querying data from different databases with LocalSQL
    –  We’ll see if we can use ArrayDML to our advantage
    –  We’ll briefly cover local database on mobile platforms
    –  We’ll see how to connect to databases with REST
    –  We’ll see how to build a system with pushing data changes to clients

    For a full agenda, click here

    This training is aimed at developers who want to learn how to create solid applications or systems connecting to and working on various databases, using the in-the-box FireDAC framework.

    Previous knowledge
    The course requires programming experience, preferably Delphi. However, it does not require knowledge of building database systems.

    The course will be as hands-on as possible. I encourage you to bring a laptop with Delphi installed and follow along.

    The course is created and held by Jens Fudge. Jens has 25 years of experience with Delphi and arranging the training. Due to their deep knowledge of Delphi, Embarcadero promoted him to be Delphi’s MVP. Jens is a board member of the Danish Delphi Users Group Dapug and is responsible for getting speakers to the bi-annual workshop. The training is in English, and the training material is in English.

    1 day

    28th of May, 2024

    4450 SEK/NOK or 390 Euro (+VAT)
    For participants outside the Nordics, we charge in euros.

    Online (please see Q&A below)

    What participants say about the training
    “En bra kurs som lärt mig mycket nytt om objektorientering, att skriva egna event, trådad utveckling och en introduktion till FireDAC.”
    Lars-Olov Larsson – Systemutvecklare


    Bookings are closed for this event.