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Streamline the testing processes and release high-quality software

TestRail is a web-based test case management tool. It is used by testers, developers and team leaders to manage, track, and organise software testing efforts. TestRail allows team members to enter test cases, organise test suites, execute test runs, and track their results, all from a modern and easy-to-use web interface.

  • Efficiently manage test cases, plans and runs
  • Boost testing productivity significantly
  • Get real-time insights into your testing progress
  • Integrate TestRail with your issue tracker
  • Choose TestRail Enterprise for larger teams

TestRail is a great all-in-one tool for managing test repositories, creating test plans, tracking test execution progress, monitoring automation coverage, and generating insightful reports.


What is TestRail?

A detailed and comprehensive introductory guide to TestRail

  • Introduction
    In this video, you will get an overview of the main functionalities and navigational elements of the #1 test management software for QA and Development Teams.
  • Project types
    In this video, you will learn the difference between projects with a single repository for all cases, those with baseline support, and those with multiple test suites.
  • Test Suites & Cases
    TestRail is a popular, easy-to-use tool that helps testers and developers manage their projects in a more organised way. In this training video, you will learn how to manage, group and organise your test suites and cases. If you are not familiar with setting up a new project, we recommend that you begin with the previous video in this playlist.
  • Test Runs & results
    TestRail is the #1 test management tool, popular for its clean UI, customisation options and seamless integration with other tools. In this tutorial, you will get familiar with test runs, learn how to execute tests and record test results.
  • Defect Integration
    One of the things that make TestRail so popular is its seamless integration with issue, defect, and bug-tracking tools, such as Jira, Youtrack, GitHub and many more. In this video, you will learn all about defect integration.
  • Milestones
    Milestones and to-dos are important aspects of TestRail. In this tutorial video, you will learn how to manage your project milestones and test assignments more efficiently.
  • Test Plans
    In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create test plans and test against different configurations and platforms.
  • Rapportering
    Learn how to view real-time metrics and statistics and generate advanced testing reports.
  • Administration
    In this video, you will learn how to administer TestRail and implement customisations. 
  • Enterprise
    It is designed to meet the needs of larger organisations. This video describes the key features that distinguish TestRail Enterprise from TestRail Professional.


Functions in TestRail

TestRail - Document your test plans

Document your test plans and track real-time progress

Organize and structure reusable test cases in folders, create agile test plans, and track test execution progress with a fast and easy-to-use interface designed specifically for test management.

Increase test coverage and traceability

Draft test cases faster, evaluate coverage, and link tests to requirements and defects in Atlassian Jira, GitHub Issues, GitLab, and more. Instantly generate traceability reports so that everyone on your team can see the status of testing in real-time.

TestRail - Increase test coverage
Build transparancy into testing and QA

Build transparency and visibility into testing and QA

Track your test activities and quality metrics in a single platform to improve collaboration, evaluate risk, and release higher-quality software.

Centralise automated and manual testing

Integrate with any automation tool or framework, report on automated tests run via CI/CD, and centralise automated and manual test reporting for visibility and efficient analysis.

Centralize automated and manual testing.

Build confidence in your product quality

of customers increase test coverage by 50% or more after adopting TestRail

of customers report a significant increase in the visibility into testing

of customers save 2-3 hours per week per QA team member



Leader in Test Management

TestRail is the leader in the annual 2021 G2 Grid for Test Management and Software Testing, with the highest ratings for best results, most implementable, and overall enterprise leader as well as Fall 2021, Summer 2021, and Spring 2021 G2 Grid.*

For more independently verified research and reviews, visit the page at G2, TechValidate, or Capterra.

TestRail - Rewards



TestRail is offered in two editions: Professional and Enterprise. 

TestRail Professional is the base edition used by smaller and middle-size organisations. The license can be installed on your local servers or Gurocks cloud-based/SaaS solution.

TestRail Enterprise meets the needs of larger organisations with enterprise-level features and support. Like TestRail Professional, it is available for installation on your local server or our cloud-based SaaS solution.

Features included in the Enterprise edition on top of the Professional:

TestRail Enterprise includes all the benefits of TestRail Professional Cloud, plus:

  • SAML 2.0 SSO Capability
  • Configurable backups and on-demand data restores
  • Audit logging for enhanced security
  • Project-level administrator privileges
  • Enterprise-grade technical support
  • 500 GB storage included

Learn more about Enterprise in the following video.


TestRail Support

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With a subscription, support and maintenance are included. If you need technical support, to report errors or have ideas about new functions, please contact AlfasoftGurock Support og/eller Community forums.

If your license is about to expire, or you are interesed upgrading your license to Enterprise, please contact Alfasoft for assistance.