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PerkinElmer Signals™ Notebook provides a full-featured web based electronic notebook with the capabilities to share and collaborate and has chemical intelligence built in through ChemDraw™.
Signals Notebook provides you with an effective scientific research data management solution, where you can write up your research data in notebooks and experiments,
drag and drop, store, organize, share,find and filter data with chemical ease.This click-and-go solution requires no installation and is easy to use. Signals Notebook is fully
integrated with Microsoft® Office® and Microsoft® Office® Online, so you can create or attach your Office documents with your experiments, directly open them by choosing
either Office or Office Online, make the necessary edits and save them back directly into Signals Notebook.

At a glance

  • Microsoft® Office® and Microsoft® Office® Online Integration
  • Slick drag-and-drop authoring
  • Lightning-fast text and chemical structure search
  • Image upload and annotation
  • ChemDraw integration
  • Innovative metadata-based organization

Return on investment

  • Capture organizational insight with collaboration tools
  • Leverage and integrate with existing data sources and investments
  • Benefit from immediate ROI with a click-and-go start to electronic data capture

Signals Notebook – Which Version Is Right For Me?

PerkinElmer Signals™ Notebook is the cloud-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) and scientific collaboration platform for today’s scientists. With embedded ChemDraw to support synthetic chemistry workflows, drag and drop capture of a wide variety of electronic data files, lightning fast data entry and search, and a modern, highly responsive design, Signals Notebook is quickly becoming the preferred cloud-based ELN for discerning chemists and researchers alike.

Signals Notebook Private Cloud provides all of the functionality offered in the Standard version, yet provides control over mandatory updates. Software updates are not executed automatically, enabling organizations to achieve greater control over when and how changes are made, as typically required for a validated environment. Signals Notebook Private Cloud seamlessly supports the validation of processes used in controlled workflows. Additional test environments can also be provided. Signals Notebook Standard is designed to provide scientists with the tools they need to design, record and share their experiments. Signals Notebook provides organizations with peace of mind, delivering a business friendly framework to support the security, configurability and administrative capabilities demanded by today’s leading research and industrial organizations. Organizations have control over sharing of experiments both throughout their enterprise and external to their organization, such as allowing controlled access to external partners. Administrators can define
metadata to be captured along with experiments, and the access rules based upon them such as setting up project or auto-numbering rules for experiments. Organizations also retain ownership of the data when researchers move on.
Signals Notebook Individual provides access to the same data capture and scientific workflow capabilities as PerkinElmer Signals Notebook Standard, but is designed to facilitate a more flexible sharing and collaborative model where individual researchers maintain ownership and control of their own data. Ideally suited for researchers who want to share with a wide variety of users inside and outside of their organizations (such as researchers at universities), Signals Notebook Individual Edition is only available to licensees of ChemOffice® Professional, our premiere chemical sketching and scientific productivity suite. Signals Notebook Individual Edition provides a lower cost entry into the modern scientific collaboration platform of PerkinElmer Signals Notebook Standard for users who do not require organizational control.


Signals Notebook Private Cloud

Signals Notebook Standard (Preferred by most)

Signals Notebook Individual Edition

Cloud based application, no server required (SaaS solution) X X X
Embedded sketcher, with optional stoichiometric table for chemical reactions X X X
Comment on experiments X X X
Configure email and app notifications X X X
ChemDraw round-trip editing X X X
Access to ChemACX Explorer X X X
Define timeout period X X X
Public Tenant (Share content with any other Individual Edition user) X
Included with ChemOffice Professional X
Private Tenant (Dedicated URL, logo) X X
Administrators create and remove users, manage usergroups X X
Transfer user data to another user X X
Create system rules for sharing X X
Create rules for notebook and experiment auto-numbering X X
Create new metadata for experiments (projects, protocols etc.) X X
Alternate geographical location for data storage X X
Configure sign, close and witness workflows X X
Define user alias for auto-naming X X
Create rules for trashing notebooks and experiments X X
Define autotext (lists, text snippets) X X
Private Environment (Dedicated architecture) X
Optionally validated system X
Automatic updates X X

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