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Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019
Intel Parallel Studio XE is a software development suite developed by Intel that facilitates native code development on Windows, macOS and Linux in C++ and Fortran for parallel computing. Parallel programming enables software programs to take advantage of multi-core processors from Intel and other processor vendors.

Composer Edition: Includes Intel® C++ and FORTRAN compilers, performance libraries, and performance-optimised Python.
Professional Edition: Includes everything in the Composer Edition, plus performance profiling, a memory and thread debugger, and design tools to simplify adding threading and vectorisation.
Cluster Edition: Includes everything in the Professional Edition, plus an MPI library, MPI profiling and error-checking tools, and an advanced cluster diagnostic expert system in a tool.
Recordings from our Online Demo Days.
A couple of weeks ago Alfasoft arranged Online Demo Days with many enthusiastic participants. During the days we presented our most valued products including Intel Software and Embarcadero and JetBrains C++ development tools.

If you were unable to attend you are more than welcome to watch the recordings afterwards. Please contact Alfasoft if you have any questions regarding ODD.
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Intel Webinar Series
Quick-Tips Series: Intel® Distribution for Python*
Do you use Python*―or want to? Then don’t miss this five-part video series hosted by Microsoft .NET program manager and Twitch.tv personality Jeff Fritz (@csharpfritz). He’ll cover the basics and take a few deep dives to demonstrate how the latest release of Intel® Distribution for Python* can help you quickly create highly performant applications.
Intel Articles
Train and Execute Machine Learning and Deep Learning Projects on CPUs
Meet Intel’s optimizations for frameworks like TensorFlow*, MXNet*, Pytorch*, and Caffe* and see how Intel® Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks helps speed training and inference execution on CPUs.

Remove Memory Bottlenecks Using Intel® Advisor
Understanding how your program is accessing memory helps you get more from your hardware.

How Effective Is Your Vectorization?
Learn how to pinpoint vectorization issues, see how effectively you’re using your hardware resources, and optimize vectorization using Intel® Advisor.

The Parallel Universe is here

The latest issue explores what more you can do with the latest Intel® architecture for the very best results. Effectively Train and Execute Machine Learning and Deep Learning Projects on CPUs shows how to take advantage of accelerated CPU training and inference execution—without making code changes. Boosting the Performance of Graph Analytics Workloads looks at ways to increase the efficiency of workload-heavy graph analytics applications on an Intel® Xeon® processor-based server.

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