Learn more about the new features and improvements in Stata 16
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Welcome to our Stata newsletter with information about the new Stata 16, and upcoming netcourses and webinars to learn more about Stata.
Stata 16 - New features and improvements in Stata 16
New features in Stata 16
Stata 16 was announced this summer and is now available. Stata 16 is a big release and broader than usual. It ranges from lasso to Python and from multiple datasets in memory to multiple chains in Bayesian analysis.

You can either read about the new features by clicking the button below, and you will be directed to our Stata product page with features presented in a dry but information-dense way. Or you can read StataCorps blog post which is more entertaining even if it is less informative by clicking here.

If you would like a quote for upgrading your Stata license(s) to Stata 16 please contact us or reply to this email, and I will readily help.
Upcoming Stata netcourses
StataCorp has planned multiple netcourses for Stata in September, both introductory courses for beginners and more advanced courses.

NetCourses are cost-effective online courses designed to help you learn Stata at your convenience. Scheduled courses run for six to seven weeks with weekly lessons and discussion forums.
A guided tour of new features in Stata 16
Join Enrique Pinzon, Senior Econometrician and developer at StataCorp as he discuss the top new features for Stata 16. You will learn why they are important, how they are used, and what makes them exciting.

The webinar is free, but you must register to attend. Choose between September 5 at 3 PM or 7 PM (GMT). Registrations are limited so register soon.

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