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Millions of people choose XMind because of its easy user-interface, and the comprehensive set of mindmapping features. Capture all your ideas, clarify your thinking, and manage all the information that matters to you. XMind makes it possible for companies and individuals to work smarter and save time by using a revolutionary visual method to manage information. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Visual – Visual interface to gather and organize information, and get the overview needed to see relations and achieve understanding. XMind supports mindmaps, concept maps, fishbone diagrams, tree diagrams, timelines, organization charts and matrixes for comparative analyses.
  • Content – Add links, attachments, notes, images, comments, audio notes and tasks to your mindmaps.
  • Context – Put it all in context by adding relationship lines, labels, and visual markers.

XMind 8 is delivered in three different editions: Pro, Plus, and Free. Click the [License options] tab on this product page for more information, and please contact us if you have any questions.

New features in XMind X8

XMind 8 has gotten a lot of new features and improvements. Better user experience, more functions, and prettier visualization. We think you will love it.

Click here to read about all the improvements and new features in XMind 8!

Feature highlights

Mindmapping – When productivity matters the most

XMind 8 - The most popular mindmapping tool on the planet

Business charts – Structures to help your business improve efficiency

xmind business charts

Brainstorming – Let your thoughts and ideas flow into your mindmap

xmind brainstorming

Presentations – Get a better presentation experience

xmind presentation mode

Gantt view – Get the visual advantage of both mindmap and Gantt view

xmind gantt view

Microsoft Office and PDF export makes communication and reporting simple and easy

xmind office export


Download XMind 8

XMind 8 (Free) has all the diagramming features included – with no time limitations. You can use it for free as long as you want. Please see the Compare tab for an overview of the extra features included in the Plus and Pro editions.

Please fill in the form below to get XMind 8 for free. Please check your email spam folder if you do not get the email from us within one hour.



System requirements

XMind is Java program and it needs Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to run. If you haven’t installed Java, the installation process will remind you to install Java automatically. Supported JVM versions are Sun JRE/Open JDK/ IBM JRE/ BEA JRockit.

Operating systems

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Here is our collection of resources for learning and getting the most of your purchase of XMind.

Mindmap libraries and templates

  • XMind Mind Maps library
    A library with shared and downloadable mindmaps for XMind.
  • Biggerplate.com
    A library with uploaded and downloadable mindmaps for the most popular mindmapping software solutions.

Getting started videos and tutorials

Articles and manuals


Comparison between the different editions of XMind 8

XMind 8 (Free) XMind 8 Plus XMind 8 Pro
All kinds of diagrams All kinds of diagrams All kinds of diagrams
Customizable Theme Customizable Theme Customizable Theme
Export to PDF/SVG Export to PDF/SVG Export to PDF/SVG
Export to Word/Excel/PPT Export to Word/Excel/PPT Export to Word/Excel/PPT
Clip Art Clip Art Clip Art
Brainstorming Mode Brainstorming Mode Brainstorming Mode
Presentation Mode* Presentation Mode* Presentation Mode*
Gantt Chart Gantt Chart Gantt Chart
Audio Notes Audio Notes Audio Notes
Encrypt with Password Encrypt with Password Encrypt with Password
60,000+ Icons 60,000+ Icons 60,000+ Icons

* Includes the new  XMind 8 Slide-based Story and Walk Through mode.



We offer support to all our customers on XMind.

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Please explain your problem in detail when contacting us. Please remember to enter your version number, and which operating system you are running.

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