What’s new in Altair Inspire 2018.1 []

Altair Inspire® (also known as solidThinking Inspire) is the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use Generative Design/Topology Optimisation and rapid simulation solution for design engineers empowers its users by creating and investigating structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. This can lead to reduced costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight.

What’s new in Altair Inspire 2018.1

Interactive Motion Plots
You can now double-click on a Motion plot to create a pop-out plot that appears in a re-sizeable, dock able window. This allows you to view multiple plots at the same time, interrogate values on curves, and animate the result in the modelling window by dragging the vertical time slider.

Mesh Control
Mesh controls have been added to assign an element size to parts or faces. The element size dictates the quality of your analysis or optimisation results. In general, the smaller the element size, the more accurate the result. When running a topography optimisation, only one mesh control group can be used per design space.




User-Defined Coordinate Systems
Systems can now be defined in a .csv file and imported using the Load Cases table, and then applied to entities such as forces and supports using the Property Editor. They will also be imported as part of the geometry when opening a Catia, JT, ProE, Step, or NX file.







Support for Saving .obj Format
When you save a file to .obj format, Inspire will write triangular mesh data for Parasolid geometry, and n-sided polygons for PolyNURBS cages.

Contact Result Type
The new contact result type allows you to view contact gap, status, and pressure to ensure that the contact is behaving appropriately. A typical use case would be reviewing the contact pressure over the gasket area in a pipe flange, to ensure that the gasket doesn’t leak.










Strain Energy Density Result Type
The new strain energy density result type shows the areas in your model that are under the greatest strain when vibrating. The areas of the model shown in red are straining the most, and indicate where you should modify the part to reduce the strain.









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