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Transform Your Research Process with Citavi – The All-In-One Reference Management Solution

Citavi combines reference management and knowledge organization. You can search resources from around the world, create tasks, analyze texts, save quotations and ideas, create outlines for drafts, and write reports, articles, or books.

Citavi‘s categories, groups, filters, and search, help you find exactly the literature and information you need efficiently. It also securely offers the option of storing and sharing your information both on your server, on your desktop or in the cloud.


What is Citavi?


Already have a lot of sources, or were working with another referencing tool? It’s easy to add PDFs, documents, books, and reference libraries you already have to Citavi, whatever the format! For many types of sources, Citavi can automatically add the citation information. It also helps you find additional sources online or in the program.

Citavi import
  • Drag PDFs to your project or import one or multiple folders at once. Citavi automatically adds the citation information.
  • With Citavi’s import filters, you can add sources from any other reference management program.
  • Citavi imports references in RIS, BibTeX, ENW formats, Excel tables, Word bibliographies, etc.
  • For books, just enter an ISBN or other identifier, and Citavi retrieves its information, along with the cover art, abstract, and keywords, if available.
  • Office documents and image files can also be managed with Citavi.

Citavi picker - surf and save
  • Surf and save: whenever you find a book, article, or webpage online, use the Picker extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge to quickly send its information and any available full text to Citavi.
  • The Picker identifies ISBNs and DOIs on web pages and sends the reference information to your project.
  • The Picker can also send webpages and full-text PDFs to Citavi.
  • On News-sites, the Picker pulls metadata from the page and automatically creates a PDF of the article.
  • Web content changes frequently. Save a copy of a webpage as a PDF in your project.

Search online databases

Search online databases in Citavi or in your browser

Search freely accessible databases, library catalogs, and research databases your organization has licensed.

  • Save search queries you use often and avoid importing duplicates.
  • Add references from Google Scholar, PubMed, and every other online research database with an export option.
  • Citavi saves a list of your imports. You can always check where, when, and with what search terms you performed a search and view the references you added.


New features in Citavi 6

Work efficiently with Citavi

Work efficiently

Whether you just need a quick bibliography, you’re searching a team library of 20,000 sources, or you want to keep track of notes, The tools help you work faster and more effectively.

See the big picture

See the big picture

Big projects with tons of sources can feel overwhelming. Break your work down into tasks, keep track of important information from your articles, and sift through your sources to find the ones you really need – alone or in a team.

Data security

Data security made easy

Store your information on your own server instead of in the cloud. Individuals can also choose between local and online projects. It automatically creates backups so you never lose your information.

Write with style with Citavi

Write with style

Say goodbye to wasted time formatting citations and bibliographies. With over 10,000 citation styles: APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, etc., etc. Need one that’s not there? You can create it yourself!


System requirements

Citavi 6 Desktop

  • Windows 10 or 8 with .NET Framework 4.8
  • Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 R2 with .NET Framework 4.

The Citavi Word Add-In is an add-in for Microsoft Word 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010 (32 bit or 64 bit for all versions). With the Word Add-In you can insert references and quotations from your project into Word. The bibliography is generated automatically.

Citavi DBServer

  • An up-to-date server PC with at least 8 GB RAM.
  • Microsoft SQL Server versions as of SQL Server 2008 R2 or later.
  • Enough disk space for Citavi projects and attached files.

Citavi Web

  • Citavi Web lets you work anywhere you have internet, on any operating system, whether it’s Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. All you need is a current browser.


License Options

  • Single user licenses
  • Multi-user licenses
  • Student licenses
  • Site licenses
  • Perpetual and subscriptions

All license options can be installed both at the office computer and home computer for the license owner/end-user.

Please contact us for help choosing the best licensing option for your organization!



Alfasoft provides free technical support to all our customers.

Please describe your problem as detailed as possible when contacting our support. Remember to always inform about your serial-/license number, product version and your operating system.

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