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QDA – Qualitative Data Analysis


When it comes to investigating an issue, answering a question or simply making sense of something, we often look to information to help us get there, and numeric or linear data will rarely give you the full picture. Qualitative or unstructured data can hold the key to richer insights and true research discovery that can revolutionise your recommendations and set you ahead of the field.

NVivo Transcription

Transcription has never been more flexible. Transcribe audio and video files and transfer them in an NVivo-ready format straight to your project. NVivo Transcription’s intuitive editor allows you to quickly make changes, tag speakers and ensure that your transcription is formatted how you need it.

NVivo Collaboration

NVivo Collaboration Cloud uses the power of the cloud to host NVivo projects, providing remote teams with a secure way to store data, master project files and their team’s analysis. The master project is stored in the cloud, allowing team members to download the project and conduct their analysis offline, and later upload it to NVivo Collaboration Cloud so that the project lead can merge their contributions to the master project.

Atlas.ti Logo


ATLAS.ti is a powerful tool for Qualitative Analysis of large amounts of textual, graphical, audio and video data. Sophisticated tools help you arrange, reassemble, and manage material in creative and systematic ways. ATLAS.ti helps you in virtually any field. Whether in anthropology, economics, medicine, sociology, theology or criminology, ATLAS.ti will meet your needs in qualitative data analysis and help you conduct better and more precise research.