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NVivo Collaboration

Share data and insights across teams with NVivo’s collaboration solutions

Teamwork made simple

As research teams expand in size and geography, so does the importance of collaboration with colleagues. Share data, expertise, and insights with our collaboration solutions. 

NVivo Collaboration Cloud uses the power of the cloud to host NVivo projects, providing remote teams with a secure way to store data, master project files and their team’s analysis. The master project is stored in the cloud, allowing team members to download the project and conduct their analysis offline, and later upload it to NVivo Collaboration Cloud so that the project lead can merge their contributions to the master project. For teams working in one central location, NVivo Collaboration Server supports real-time collaboration with the added security of storing your data on your own organization’s on-site server.

Set your team up for success, no matter how your collaboration architecture looks, to deliver the best possible results.

NVivo Collaboration Cloud
Easily Share Your Work With Remote Teams

Working with other researchers — whether they’re across town, across the country, or across the globe — should be simple. Ideal for remote teams, the NVivo Collaboration Cloud module lets you share research data in a secure, cloud-based environment.

Enhance the power of NVivo

The possibilities for your research are limitless. Discover them sooner with our modules to work smarter with your data.

Collaboration Cloud

NVivo Server - Easy project sharing

Easy Project Sharing and Collaboration

When working within NVivo Collaboration, you can bring together the right people to deliver the best research outcomes in one central project. Collaborating is easy, with all NVivo project files being stored within one project. There’s no need to send multiple files and folders when sharing a research project, meaning your team members can access everything in one place without the risk of missing data. Permissions are easily managed based on the role of each team member.

Collaboration made easy

With Collaboration Cloud, working together on NVivo projects is a breeze.

One module allows for up to five team members to collaborate. Additional modules can be purchased for larger teams. All team members need to use the same version of NVivo. After you purchase the Collaboration Cloud module, you can invite team members to collaborate on your NVivo project. 
For enterprise licensing options, contact our sales team to discuss solutions for your team. 

Please read the Details tab for more information.

Compliant, Secure Teamwork

Simplify shared projects with a secure way to store data, master project files, and your team’s work. Master projects are stored directly in the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere in the world. Collaboration Cloud maintains a full version history, letting you see the work done and keeping all collaborators up to date with the most current information. 

NVivo Collaboration Cloud is maintained by servers in the USA, Canada, Singapore and Europe. It uses Microsoft Azure’s public cloud to store data and is fully GDPR compliant. Collaboration Cloud also complies with the strict regulations and conditions outlined in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act of 1996).

Please read the Details tab for more information.

NVivo Collaboration - Compliant and secure teamwork.
NVivo Collaboration - Work offline

Easily Work Offline

NVivo Collaboration Cloud uses the power of the cloud to host and synchronise projects but also enables team members to work offline.  

Once your work for the day is done, save and upload it to the workspace so your contributions can be added to the master project. 

Please read the Details tab for more information.

Collaboration Server


For large teams working in a central location, such as a lab or research centre, it’s essential to have quick, secure access to large volumes of data. Working on a single server offers added layers of security and efficiency. NVivo Collaboration Server helps you easily work with your onsite team to deliver improved insights. An on-premise installation within your IT environment provides secure, centralized data storage and backup while team members can work on projects simultaneously in real-time.

Contact us to discuss the implementation of server-based collaboration for your team.

NVivo Collaboration Server Overview

  • Connects to all editions of NVivo for Windows.
  • Team-based projects can be managed centrally.
  • Offered as on-premise or managed service.
  • Creates a real-time collaboration environment.
  • Enables teams to work with greater volumes of data sources.
  • Provides secure, centralized data storage and backup.
  • Changes made by team members are tracked, creating clear audit trails.
  • Prevents unauthorized changes with role-based permissions.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate in real-time, sharing data, expertise and insights across your team. Work in the same project at the same time, and see each others’ updates as you work. With live collaboration, you’ll never have to merge separate project files, saving time and frustration. Get your team to reach evidence-based decisions faster with NVivo Collaboration Server.

Data management and security

Take advantage of enhanced data management and security. Avoid lost or stolen work with project data stored securely in a central location, only accessible with authenticated Windows login credentials. Monitor, maintain, backup and keep track of all projects in one secure location. Use the power of server technology to manage data backup plans so your team doesn’t lose information and precious time.

Risk management

Ensure your team’s compliance with data management policies required by ethical or regulatory bodies, and minimise risk with the benefits of a secure, centrally stored and controlled project.

Control access levels to projects with role-based permissions so no unauthorized changes can be made.

Be confident in your recommendations and reports knowing that findings will stand up to scrutiny. Clear audit trails are created, so you can justify how conclusions were drawn and share information about the research process.

Project scalability

Teams often work on projects with large volumes of complex data. Analyze more data and larger individual pieces of data with NVivo for Teams. Connect multiple users across your organization, bringing the right people together to deliver the best research outcomes.


Minimum system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (with update KB2919355 installed), 2016, or 2019 (Web editions of Windows Server are not supported)
  • 1.4 GHz Pentium 4-compatible processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 10 GB of available hard-disk space—or more depending on data storage needs
  • x64-compatible (64-bit) processor. Itanium (64-bit) processors are NOT supported
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (with update KB2919355 installed), 2016, or 2019 (Web editions of Windows Server are not supported)
  • 2.0 GHz Pentium 4-compatible processor or faster
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 25 GB of available hard-disk space—or more depending on data storage needs
  • Intel x64-compatible (64-bit) processor. Itanium (64-bit) processors are NOT supported
  • Internet connection


Collaboration Cloud

Collaboration Cloud works differently according to the different versions of NVivo. This is because older versions of NVivo were created before Collaboration Cloud was created.

1. With NVivo 14

NVivo 14, together with Collaboration Cloud, give full real-time collaboration. 
If you are using the latest version NVivo 14, and Collaboration Cloud, multiple users can connect to the same project to update, code, and analyse research in real-time. The Project Manager uploads the project to a secure place in the cloud and adds the team members. The team members then clone the cloud project to their computers, from where they can work on the cloud project. It is also possible for team members to work on the project offline, which will be synchronised with the cloud project when they next have a connection to the Internet. 
Synchronising projects across Mac and Windows eliminate the file conversion process. With NVivo 14 and NVivo Collaboration Cloud, users can open projects across Mac and Windows. 

NOTE. In the first release of NVivo 14, only Windows users can create a project and upload it to the cloud. This means project owners can only work from NVivo for Windows. Mac users can, however, clone projects that Windows users created and can be collaborators on a project. Read about the full workflow here.

2. With NVivo R1/2020

NVivo R1/2020, together with Collaboration Cloud, provides a safe way to collaborate on a project.
Suppose you are using NVivo R1/2020 and Collaboration Cloud. In that case, it works as a SharePoint, where the workspace manager uploads the master project file, adds collaborators and they can download the file, add their changes, and upload it again to the Collaboration Cloud. The workspace owner then collects the project files of the team members and merges them in NVivo. NVivo R1/2020 and Collaboration Cloud are compatible with NVivo Mac and NVivo Windows; however, working cross-platform on a project is impossible.

Collaboration Cloud maintains a full version history, letting you see the work done and keeping all collaborators up to date with the most current information.

Read about the full workflow here.

Collaboration Server

A central server at your institution holds all project files, allowing team members to work on the same projects simultaneously, with the ability to see others’ work as they save. Collaboration Server is only available for NVivo Windows.


Collaboration Cloud

Collaboration Cloud is an add-on module for NVivo designed to facilitate teamwork. It is a yearly subscription service with a default of 5 seats per subscription (more team members can be added). All team members must be added to the subscription by the purchaser/license admin in the myNVivo Portal. All members with a seat under the same subscription can then collaborate in NVivo.

Read more about assigning a license/seat to a new user in the myNVivo Portal (new NVivo).

Collaboration Server

Contact us to discuss implementing on-premises server-based collaboration for your team.


We offer technical support to all our NVivo customers.

Please visit our Help Centre to find solutions for common issues and other valuable resources. You can also submit a support ticket in the Help Centre.

When creating a support ticket, please define your support case as detailed as possible. Always include your product version and operating system (both platform and version).