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    ChatGPT versus PTC Mathcad: units, reliability and rounding

    The Problem Recently, a European colleague asked American teammates how to express the dimensions 3’ 1/8” x 3’ 1/8 (a 36.125-inch square) in centimetres. She explained that American metrics made her feel lost. It was a very simple unit conversion request. The answer is 91.7575 cm x 91.7575 cm. ChatGPT attempt one Another colleague took…

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    Cool ChemDraw® hacks

    Cloning Molecules Ctrl + Shift + Click & DragAllows you to make aligned copies in no timeTime saved: Adding reagents to the flask Autonumbering Reactions Structure Menu > Autonumber ReactionCreates a numbering scheme under unique structuresTime saved: One overnight reaction Expanding and Contracting Labels Structure Menu > Expand LabelGenerates a fully drawn structure from a…

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    Signals Notebook and TIBCO Spotfire

    Discover the perfect package to revolutionise your chemical data analysis: Signals Notebook and TIBCO Spotfire. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to elevate your research and empower you with unparalleled efficiency and insights. Signals Notebook, a cloud-based platform, simplifies your workflow by centralising all your chemical and biological data in one secure location. Thanks to its…

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    ChemDraw® and EndNote

    It is all about getting that time for your actual research. When you write your publications, you must focus on what matters and use help for the rest. ChemDraw and EndNote can be used together to manage references and citations in scientific documents, freeing up the time you need.   From EndNote to ChemDraw to your…

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    Hur du avbryter din trial-prenumeration av EndNote

    Har du fått en påminnelse om din trial-prenumeration av EndNote? Och nu undrar du hur du ändrar din prenumeration? Det finns olika sätt att ladda ner en trialversion av EndNote (eller någon annan programvara). Du kan ladda ner den från Alfasoft, eller du kan ladda ner den från en annan källa. Vi förklarar vi hur du hanterar din trial-prenumeration för EndNote. Om...

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    Embarcadero May Special Offer

    Alfasoft is currently running a campaign available for anyone who is interested saving money. Buy a new license of Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio 11.3 Alexandria and get up to 30% discount! Until 31st of May we offer following discounts: Professional Edition: 10% Enterprise Edition: 20% Architect Edition: 30% Learn more about the different Alexandria editions. The offer…

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