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The new XLSTAT release offers better and faster insights

    XLSTAT Screen with Logo

    Lumivero’s new XLSTAT release encourages users to leverage its enhanced features for smarter, better, and faster market research insights. The software now allows for a more in-depth analysis while also focusing on expediting the processing and visualization of data, thus enhancing the overall market research experience.

    Overview of XLSTAT’s new release and its benefits

    • Faster Insights: The latest version of XLSTAT enables users to gain faster insights from their market research data.
    • Enhanced Visualizations: With new visualization tools, presenting data to stakeholders is clearer and more impactful.
    • Smarter Analytics: XLSTAT has incorporated advanced analytical tools to allow for deeper data investigation.

    Key features and improvements in the latest version

    • Improved conjoint analysis and visualization: Enhancements to the conjoint analysis feature improve consumer segments’ comparison and visualization.
    • Quickly see MaxDiff results without searching: Easily determine the best choice impact items for your marketing or product strategy.
    • Improved quality evaluation of your PLSPM models: Go deeper into your PLSPM data analysis and improve the quality evaluation of your PLSPM models with the new RMSEA index.

    Market Research Enhancement

    With the arrival of Lumivero’s XLSTAT’s new release, market researchers can anticipate a significant shift in the way data analysis is conducted. By expediting the analytical process, XLSTAT ensures that key decision-makers in industries ranging from healthcare to finance can gain actionable intelligence, which is critical in fast-paced business environments.

    PLSPM Model Evaluation (Marketing, Sensory, and Premium)

    Go deeper into your PLSPM data analysis and improve the quality evaluation of your PLSPM models with the new RMSEA index. The computation of the RMSEA index is now performed and displayed in the SEM-PLS fit indexes table.

    PLSPM Model Evaluation

    Conjoint Analysis: Consumer Segments (Marketing and Premium)

    Quickly compare your consumer segments with the improved consumer segments function in the conjoint analysis simulation tool. Save time by gaining insights from your segments separately in a single analysis by using the option group variable to perform an analysis by segmenting and comparing them.

    Consumer segments visualization

    XLSTAT has upgraded its conjoint analysis simulation tool with an improved consumer segments function, facilitating market researchers in comparing different consumer segments more efficiently. Analysts can now segment and simultaneously compare results in a single analysis pass by introducing a group variable option. This leads to a more streamlined evaluation of how varying consumer demographics respond to different market variables. The ease of this integrated approach allows market researchers to uncover intricate relationships between consumer segments and their preferences, leading to more tailored market strategies.

    Conjoint Analysis: Model Validation (Marketing and Premium)

    Determine if you can make strong conclusions with your model with the conjoint analysis model validation function. Inside the design for conjoint analysis and in the Choice-based Conjoint analysis features, you can add holdout case options to validate a conjoint model with Pearson, Kendall, or RLH index.

    XLSTAT Model Validation

    Conjoint Analysis: Visualization (Marketing and Premium)

    Easily visualize insights with advanced filtering by displaying the utility diagrams per factor with the new visualization function. Inside the conjoint analysis dialogue box’s inside charts tab, you can choose to display the utility diagrams per factor – giving you a better visualization of the utilities!

    XLSTAT Conjoint visualization

    Conjoint Analysis: No Choice Option (Marketing and Premium)

    Give your respondents the opportunity not to choose! With the new no choice option, you can analyze your data with “non-choices” from certain respondents. Within the Choice-based Conjoint analysis function, if a respondent did not wish to make a choice, you can indicate this with a zero. This means that they had no preference between the different samples and were not able to make a choice. This option is now considered in the analysis.

    XLSTAT Conjoint no choice option

    New MaxDiff Visualization (Marketing and Premium)

    Quickly see MaxDiff results without searching to easily determine the best choice impact items for your marketing or product strategy. The bar charts of difference scores and MaxDiff scores have been added to the MaxDiff feature results for faster and better visualization of the main insights.

    XLSTAT MaxDiff visualization

    Kernel Density Estimation (All Solutions)

    Easily visualize and compare your distributions with subsample density estimation with the Kernel density estimation feature. If you want to display all the samples in the same chart, simply check the box “All series on one chart”. Thanks to this new function, you can, for instance, quickly see the differences between different regions.

    XLSTAT Kernel Density estimation

    How to install the update?

    This new version will give you access to all the new features mentioned above. The installation of our new version is recommended for all users.

    If you have a valid XLSTAT license with access to maintenance and upgrades, you can download the new version for free from this page!