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Hem » Why do I need GRAMS AI?

Why do I need GRAMS AI?

    As Q.C. LIMS User

    • I need a single tool to read all of my instrument data.
    • I am interested in On-line / At-line product testing.
    • I am interested in reducing sample prep. using IR techniques.
    • I need a tool to rapidly identify contaminants.

    As a C.D.S. User

    • I need to produce standard reports from multiple / legacy C.D.S.
    • I need to view and print C.D.S. data away from the workstation.

    As a Bioanalytical LIMS User

    • I need to report 5% – 20% of my raw data for method development.
    • I need to examine Mass Spec. data at my desk.

    As an R.&D. LIMS User

    • I need to view data from multiple sources to support my decisions.
    • I need tools for structural confirmation of my compound of interest.

    As a Scientific Data Management System User

    • I need an easy way to access raw data interactively – My S.D.M.S. only stores instrument specific raw data and PDF snapshots.

    As an e.L.N. User

    • I need to add spectra and chromatograms to my notes as evidence to support my conclusions for patent protection purposes.