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Solutions for Researchers


Rise above the information flood.

Gather, connect, find, and analyse the vast information related to your research project. MindManager is the perfect tool for note-taking, planning and outlining your research project.

SigmaPlot - Heat Map


The standard for publication-ready graphs.

SigmaPlot gör det enkelt att skapa professionella grafer och statistiska rapporter så att du kan fokusera på din forskning.


Unlock insights in your data.

QDA software to identify patterns and themes in unstructured data like interviews, surveys and social media posts.


A complete software package with all your data science needs.

Stata provides everything you need for data science—data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and reproducible reporting.


Valet för vetenskapligt skrivande och referenshantering

Leave the tedious work of formatting citations and bibliographies, searching for and entering references, and finding full-text articles.


Math editing tool for creating technical documents.

MathType is a powerful equation editor that lets you create mathematical notation in your documents.


The standard for communicating chemistry research.

Draw and organize chemical structures and data and create presentation-ready PowerPoint slides and publication-grade manuscript figures with only a few clicks.

FineReader PDF

The smarter PDF management solution.

A PDF tool that empowers researchers to manage any kind of document in the digital workplace.