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Get Started with Intel® Developer Cloud

    Intel developer cloud has the latest hardware from Intel, with the latest software already installed. See how to get a Gaudi 2/ Xeon/ Intel Max GPU machine up in running in a couple of minutes.

    Marco Cantu wins the Niklaus Wirth Award

      We are very pleased to announce that our very own Marco Cantú has been given the Niklaus Wirth Award by The International Pascal Congress hosted by The University of Salamanca in Spain.

      NVivo 11 End of Life

        NVivo 11, End of Life – What does it mean? After more than 8 years, support for NVivo 11 finally ended May 13, 2023. This means that all development on NVivo 11 has ended, and technical support is no longer available.   Only NVivo 12,…