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Why Mathcad Prime 9

    PTC Mathcad Prime 9 with Art background

    Mathcad Prime 9 is the latest version of industry-standard calculation software. It delivers numerous productivity and functionality enhancements so users can accurately solve, analyse, document, and share their engineering calculations faster than ever. Learn more details in the blog post, What’s New in PTC Mathcad Prime 9?

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    Let’s find out more about how PTC chose the enhancements they did and why. Continue reading the interview with PTC product manager Andy McGough.

    What’s new and exciting about PTC Mathcad Prime 9?

    In each new release, we’re moving more and more toward providing updates across all the different aspects of the product, so there will be something in this release for everyone. But that doesn’t mean adding some content that only a few users will find beneficial. We endeavour to identify and implement consequential functionality in each area—from math updates like the gradient operator or the partial differential equation solve function in the solve block, to the many aspects of the symbolic engine improved in the latest Mathcad Prime version, to documentation updates like Text Styles and the custom colour picker.

    Let’s say I’m a long-time user of Mathcad. What makes this version I should standardise on?

    With any new release, our drive is always to consider first what we can add that will benefit users who have been with Mathcad for many years. This release is no different, and, in fact, contains quite a few long-sought-after items, including Text Styles, the ability to solve partial differential equations in a solve block, the ability to symbolically solve the Find function in a solve block, and internal links. These are areas of functionality that longtime users of Mathcad have requested, but they have also been requested by relative newcomers to the software since they’re great additions to the product. We also have a few usability updates that should make the legacy users happy, like the ability to type text directly into the worksheet. That’s something I’ve been eager to get in the product myself and have used a lot in pre-release build testing!

    What if I’ve never used Mathcad before? Maybe I’m using spreadsheets, pencil and paper, or competing software. What’s new in Mathcad Prime 9 that should get me to try it out?

    All of the updates in Mathcad Prime 9 make it an even better logical replacement for your current method for recording engineering calculations. The additions to Mathcad Prime 9 are natural enhancements to the user experience Mathcad delivers, which allows you to write your math in the way you’re used to while at the same time calculating it. We’ve made it easier to write, format, and calculate your engineering. There’s never been a better time to download the trial and see for yourself what Mathcad can do for your engineering!

    What if Mathcad Prime 9 doesn’t have some of the new features that I wanted—what can I do to have my voice heard?

    Whether you like something we’ve added or want something else in the product, your input feeds directly into our decision-making for what to put in the next release. From the Mathcad Ideas site on the PTC Community, to direct feedback to Mathcad subject matter experts, sales representatives, or technical support, all that feedback is funnelled to me and referenced when discussing not just what to put in the product, but also how to put it in the product. The Mathcad ideas site is a good first point of contact. It is reviewed regularly and already has some great suggestions.

    Contact us to find out more about your licence upgrade to Mathcad Prime 9.

    Source: PTC