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Mathcad Community Challenge – Black Holes

    Mathcad challenge - black holes.

    Fancy a small challenge?  Let’s create a Mathcad Prime worksheet that:

    • Calculates the event horizon (Schwarzschild radius), last photon orbit, last stable particle orbit, and temperature if our solar system’s Sun, Moon, and planets were to become black holes. (You can choose whether to include Pluto.)
    • Uses the Chart Component to depict the event horizon and temperature as a function of mass up to the size of UY Scuti, the largest known star in the Milky Way galaxy (which may become a black hole “soon” on a cosmic timescale).
    Mathcad challenge - black holes.

    Image courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Jeremy Schnittman used under CC BY-SA 4.0.


    • How do you provide the input? Matrix, table, combo box input control, or other?
    • Does using a log scale anywhere makes sense when creating the Chart Component?
    • The equations can be found here (hint: most are on page 36).
    • This challenge’s documentation (text blocks, text boxes, and images) is critical! The math is actually not that complicated, so presentation matters. Someone should be able to understand the worksheet without someone explaining it to them.

    Are you up to the challenge?

    Source: PTC