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Interbase 2020.6 is here

    Interbase 2020.6 launched

    Embarcadero has just rolled out InterBase 2020 Update 6. This update brings several enhancements to improve usability and overall quality.

    What is InterBase?

    InterBase is a high-performance, encryptable multi-platform and scalable relational SQL database for developers to embed into their Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android connected applications.

    What’s new in InterBase?

    IBConsole UX Improvements:

    • Ribbon Toolbar: IBConsole now features a sleek Ribbon toolbar, making it easier to navigate and access essential functions.

    Interactive SQL Window Enhancements:

    • Multiple Workspaces: Within an Interactive SQL session, users can now create multiple workspaces to organize related queries.
    • Improved Object List: The Object list (tables and columns) has been revamped into a tree structure for intuitive query building.
    • Results Tab: The Results tab provides more space to view query results, along with execution details in the Information section.
    • Enhanced SQL History: Better management of query history.
    • Syntax Highlight Configuration: Improved syntax highlighting for code readability.
    • InterBase screenshot
    • An image of the new IBConsole UI showing the Interactive SQL Window.

    An image of the new IBConsole UI showing the Interactive SQL Window.

    General Quality Improvements:

    • Stability Enhancements: InterBase 2020 Update 6 focuses on database stability during server-wide performance monitoring.
    • Memory Management: Automatic disabling of memory-intensive features (e.g., page prefetching, page pinning) when the database is low on memory.
    • Performance Boost: Select stored procedures returning large data sets now perform better.
    • Customer-Requested Fixes: Stability improvements based on customer feedback.

    Additional Licensing Options:

    Embarcadero has expanded licensing opportunities for the embedded version of InterBase.

    Find Out More

    For more details, check out the official release notes.

    If you’re using InterBase 2020, consider upgrading to this latest version.

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