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What's New in EndNote X9

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    New features in EndNote X9

    EndNote X9 has gotten new and improved features for sharing your research and references with your colleagues, updated styles and new reference types, and a new integration with Web of Science for citation reports and manuscript matching.

    New collaboration and sharing features in EndNote X9

    Group sharing

    Group sharing now gives you the ability to share your groups with colleagues right from your EndNote desktop with both read-only or read-and-write access. Let your colleagues get right to what they need; they don’t need to sift through your entire library to find what is pertinent to them.

    Sharing Permissions

    Now you got the ability to choose whether you share a library with full Read-write permissions or the new Read-only mode. You can select the access rights at the time of sharing, or adjust it later, and different access rights can be assigned to different users. Get the peace of mind about sharing your library and don’t have to worry about colleagues making changes to your library.

    Refreshed styles and new reference types

    Updated styles

    If your bibliography isn’t formatted correctly, you risk your paper getting rejected, even before it is peer-reviewed. With EndNote X9 you get updates to key styles such as Chicago, AMA, MLA and APA. Now you can select from over 7000 styles to format your bibliography and citations.

    New reference types

    When adding a new reference, you can now select from new references types from the list of reference options. These new reference types include discussion forum, TV episode, social media, and multimedia applications. No more guessing or making up your own reference types. Cite new types of media with confidence.

    Web of science integration

    Citation reports

    Citation reports from Web of Science help you identify what impact your research is having on your area of study. As a researcher, you want to know if the references you are citing are impactful and relevant. To do this with X8 you needed to leave EndNote and go into Web of Science separately, which is time-consuming and breaks your workflow. With EndNote X9 you can generate a Web of Science citation report by selecting a group from your desktop. Leverage core Web of Science metrics by accessing Citation reports directly from the EndNote X9.

    Manuscript matcher

    As a researcher, you need to know what journals are the best fit for your manuscripts, so that you have the best chance of acceptance. Many fields have hundreds of journal options, and it is hard to determine where to submit your paper. With EndNote X9 you can now create a list of journal suggestions for the paper you are writing. Take the guesswork out of journal submission and find the best-fit journals for your paper.

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    What’s new in EndNote X8

    • Share your library with up to 100 other EndNote desktop users on X7.2 or later; providing teams with immediate real time access to the same set of references, attachments, notes and annotations
    • Access the Activity Feed to see what your colleagues are doing in the Shared Library and when new members join
    • New, modern, easy to identify icons – identical across both Mac and Windows
    • Updated workflows for finding reference updates
    • Every X8 library includes a built in Recently Added group which can be customized, allowing users to pick up right where they left off in the research workflow
    • Configure Sync option in the Groups pane to simplify desktop activation process
    • Utilize unlimited file attachment storage in your online library
    • Cite While You Write for Microsoft Word 2016

     What’s new in EndNote X7

    • Brand-new library sharing with up to 14 colleagues, anywhere in the world
    • A global research community that lives in EndNote online
    • Mac® and Windows® compatibility – install on up to 3 computers of either type
    • Background synchronization so your work is continuously saved online
    • Advanced PDF importing, file naming and organizing
    • Expanded format options, with more than 5,000 reference styles
    • Bibliography subheadings for more control and flexibility
    • New choices for organizing your research materials
    • New reference types such as interview, podcast, conference paper and press release.
    • A plug-in for adding citations to Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides (Windows only).

    EndNote X7 syncs all your citations, attachments, reference groups and annotations so you have access anywhere, anytime.

    EndNote online X4 X5 X6 X7
    Synchronize EndNote references and groups across desktop, online and iPad®
    Background syncing
    Install and sync libraries across Windows® and Mac® platforms
    Free 2-year access to with advanced features
    File attachment storage 2 GB 5 GB 5 GB Unlimited
    Find full text & PDF auto-import
    PDF auto-import folder
    Improved Quick Search with multi-phrase search of all fields, including PDF full text and notes
    Automatically create reference groups when importing folders and subfolders of PDFs
    Open separate PDF annotion/reference window with a button
    Built-in PDF viewer with annotation tools
    One-click Find Full Text with OpenURL and ezProxy support
    Customizable features
    Personalize display of ratings and read/unread status
    Choose how you’d like your PDFs renamed in your library
    Optimize screen layout options for widescreen or traditional monitors
    Make field substitutions in styles
    Options when saving a compressed copy of library
    Advanced features
    Free library sharing, unlimited library size, unlimited cloud storage
    Category bibliography options in Cite While You Write for Microsoft Word
    Insert citations and references into PowerPoint (Windows only)
    Cite While You Write support for Apache Open Office
    Hyperlinked in-text citations
    Multiple bibliographies in a single document
    Auto-reference with redlines
    Reference types for podcast, interview and press release
    Automatically find reference updates
    Quick Edit tab