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How to cancel your EndNote trial subscription

    Have you got a reminder about your EndNote trial subscription? And now you are wondering how to change your subscription.

    There are different ways you can download a trial for EndNote (or any software).

    • You can download it from Alfasoft
    • You can download it from another source

    Below we explain how to handle your EndNote trial subscription.

    If you downloaded the trial from Alfasoft

    If you downloaded your trial from our website (, we do not ask for credit card details or auto-charge anything when your trial subscription expires.

    If you decide to purchase EndNote based on your trial from Alfasoft, you can buy directly from us via the button below. This will upgrade your trial into a full license including free technical support from Alfasoft.

    If you downloaded the trial from the producer

    Please note that if you downloaded a trial from Clarivate (, the following applies:

    • You must enter your credit card details when signing up for the trial.
    • You get an email confirming your sign-up. You will also get additional emails, reminding you that your trial will automatically upgrade to a paid license order.
    • If you want to cancel the automatic upgrade and credit card charge, you must call +44 8003288044 or email

    If you do nothing then your trial will become a full license, including technical support from Clarivate.

    Please note!
    Alfasoft cannot cancel your trial version if you have downloaded it from another source than