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What’s new in Mathcad Prime 10

    Mathcad Prime 10 out

    The new Mathcad Prime 10 software version has been released, offering enhanced features and improved performance for engineers, scientists and technical professionals. This latest version builds upon the strengths of its predecessors, providing a more intuitive user interface, advanced mathematical capabilities and increased compatibility with other engineering software and systems. With Mathcad Prime 10, users can expect a more streamlined and efficient experience to perform complex calculations, create interactive plots and document their work. The updated software aims to empower users further to solve, analyse, and share their mathematical and engineering problems more easily and precisely.

    Here’s the list of all improvements.

    Application Enhancements

    Advanced controls – PTC Mathcad Prime 10 introduces advanced controls, offering users the ability to enhance their worksheets with controls including list boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, buttons, sliders and text boxes. These empower users to precisely define the behavior of each control within the worksheet. This feature provides a configurable and detailed approach to manipulating variable values, using the scripting languages VBScript or JScript.

    Mathcad Prime 10 ListBox
    Mathcad Prime 10 Scriptable Controls
    Mathcad Prime 10 Scripting options

    Choice of solving algorithms – With Mathcad Prime 10 you can now choose a solving algorithm for functions and definite integrals. This relates to the functions Pdesolve, Odesolve, numol, genfit, polyroots, Find, Minimise, Maximise, Minerr and definite integrals. In the worksheet, each instance of these functions will include a right mouse button menu of algorithm options, so you can decide to keep the default algorithm or choose one of the other options provided. This allows you greater flexibility and control over the results of your calculations.

    Mathcad Prime 10 Algorithms
    Mathcad Prime 10 Algorithms

    Subscript and superscript in text – You can now apply subscript and superscript formatting in your text regions, for documenting variable identifiers or parameters with exponents.

    Mathcad Prime 10 Subscripts and superscripts

    Symbolic Engine Enhancements

    Expanded use of the keyword fully – Mathcad Prime 10 has expanded the use of the keyword “fully” with additional use cases. We also added support for the modifier’s “fact” and “max” for this keyword.

    Mathcad Prime 10 Symbolics

    New standard keyword – We have added a new keyword, “standard”, which allows for Big-O notation with series expansion, as well as showing the constant of integration in indefinite integrals.

    Improved support for undefined – We have improved support for “undefined” results in the symbolic engine, providing greater compatibility and equivalency with the numeric engine’s “NaN”, which stands for “Not a Number”, allowing for symbolic support of the NaN class of functions.

    General keyword improvements – There are general improvements for the keywords “rewrite”, “solve”, and “simplify”. “rewrite” is expanded with five new modifiers, “arg”, “atan2”, “fact”, “sign”, and “phi” to allow rewriting expressions in their respective terms. “solve” and “simplify” also have more supported use cases than ever before.

    Improved calculus operators

    Numeric Engine Enhancements

    Improvements in PDE Solve and General engine improvements – building off the last release’s PDE Solve, you can now set mixed boundary conditions, along with implicit and explicit boundary conditions. We also added units support. The numeric engine also has improved the behaviour of inline assignment evaluation in a matrix and handling unitless zero in a matrix.

    Multithreading improvements – PTC Mathcad Prime 10 greatly enhances the performance of the numeric engine. Improvements to multithreading give you the full power of its functionality. These improvements greatly increase the efficiency of worksheet calculations, specifically those with multiple independent calculable regions, using your multicore processor to compute them in parallel, speeding up your worksheet’s performance.

    Usability Enhancements

    Open a file from an included region.

    Mathcad Prime 10 Open included file

    Open a file from the converter.

    Mathcad Prime 10 Open converted file

    World date and system date format in headers and footers.

    Mathcad Prime 10 More date formats

    Link a PTC Mathcad Prime 10 worksheet to an internal link region in another worksheet.

    Mathcad Prime 10 Linking to a tag in another worksheet

    Hide Area Border.

    Mathcad Prime 10 Hide area border

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