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Signals Notebook

Revolutionize Your Lab Workflow with Signals Notebook

Signals Notebook is the only future-proof electronic notebook solution that covers a comprehensive set of scientific use cases spanning biology, chemistry, formulations, analysis, and more. It will enable you to improve productivity and data transparency through enhanced collaboration, improved workflows and lab automation. It drives informed decisions by optimizing data reuse and is positioned at the epicentre of any scientific digital transformation strategy.


What is Signals Notebook?

Drive digital transformation

Signals Notebook has a modern user interface like the ones on all your personal apps, and the need for training is negligible. You will be up and running in no time. That’s part of the reason Signals Notebook is the electronic lab notebook of choice for companies with a team of 4 research scientists to the largest biotechs and pharmaceutical companies in the world. You will quickly benefit from the ways our cloud ELN improves:

  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface
  • Massively Scalable with Google-like search performance
  • Social collaboration features, including chat and notifications
  • APIs and interfaces for integration
  • Robust rule-based access control model, including support for CROs
  • Template management with table and form design
  • Structured data capture with processing and analytics

The leading enterprise-ready, cloud-native ELN for large & small molecule research

Signals Notebook supports DNA and Protein Sequences.


Signals Notebook supports DNA and Protein Sequences. Here we see a plasmid feature selected to highlight the underlying sequence.



Depth and breadth to support wide range of workflows for scale— including chemistry, biology, formulations, analytical sciences, and materials sciences.

Signals NoteBook reaches over 1 million sientists


Over 1 million scientists at 4000 organizations count on Signals Notebook to help them streamline their workflows.

Signals Notebook is integrated


Structured data capture with APIs and interfaces for integration with instruments, in-house systems, and databases.


Signals Notebook – What’s New?

Signals Notebook is an intuitive and effective scientific research data management solution. Write up your research data and experiments, then drag and drop, store, organize, share, find and filter data with ease.

Check out the latest improvements


System Requirements

Hardware Requirements
Any mid-range client machine with minimum 8GB of RAM should be sufficient. Note: Signals Notebook is not qualified currently on mobile platforms (tablets, phones).

Software Requirements

  • We support most modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari 11, and Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.
  • For the ChemDraw® Web Clipboard extension, Java Runtime Environment 1.7+ may be required according to end user’s Operating System and browser.
  • Editing in ChemDraw® Desktop requires ChemDraw® 17.1 or above for PC and ChemDraw® 17.1.1 for Mac. ChemDraw Edit in Desktop 17.1 is supported in Sierra and High Sierra operating system on Mac and Windows 7 and 10.
  • ChemDraw® Edit in Desktop 18.2 is supported in MacOS High Sierra and Mojave and Windows 7 (32- bit and 64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit) and 10 (64-bit).
  • Editing in Tibco Spotfire requires Tibco Spotfire Analyst LTS 10.3 or 10.10. The add-in SignalsNotebookSpotfireOpener-v1.x.spk must also be installed on the Spotfire server and distributed to the user. Editing in Spotfire is supported in Windows 10 systems only. The file size limit supported for opening and saving dxp files in Spotfire is 50 MB. Users can modify larger files via Windows Registry Editor.


If the answer is not on the product page, please visit our Help Centre and submit your ticket.

Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible when contacting our support.

Remember to always inform about which product version you have and which operating system you use (both platform and version).

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