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Abaqus Simulia

Abaqus Simulia is the premier simulation software

Today, product simulation is often performed by engineering groups using niche simulation tools from different vendors to simulate various designs. This creates inefficiencies and increases costs. Abaqus Simulia delivers a unified analysis product that allows all users, regardless of their simulation expertise or domain focus, to create simulations and collaborate seamlessly.

The Abaqus/CAE is a complete simulation solution that, with its intuitive interface, integrates modelling, analysis, job management, and results visualization in a consistent, easy-to-use environment that is simple to learn for new users, yet highly productive for experienced users.

Best-in-class companies are taking advantage of the high-end Abaqus Simulia software, to consolidate their processes and tools, reduce costs and inefficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage.


What is Abaqus SIMULIA?

Powered by the Abaqus platform, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to reveal the world we live in. Watch a demo below.


A complete solution for realistic simulation

With Abaqus/CAE you can quickly and efficiently create, edit, monitor, diagnose, and visualize advanced Abaqus analyses. It supports familiar interactive computer-aided engineering concepts such as feature-based, parametric modelling, interactive and scripted operation, and GUI customization.

Abaqus Simulia Optimization screenshot

Users can create geometry, import CAD models for meshing, or integrate geometry-based meshes that do not have associated CAD geometry.

The open customization toolset provides a powerful process automation solution, enabling specialists to deploy proven workflows across the engineering enterprise. The software also offers comprehensive visualization options, which enable users to interpret and communicate the results of any Abaqus analysis.


  • Accurate prediction of real-world product behaviour enables companies to increase product reliability and reduce warranty costs.
  • Significant reduction of the need for costly physical testing.
  • Fast turnaround time enables simulation to influence decisions early in the product design process and eliminate costly re-designs.
  • Increase engineering productivity through standardization on a single complete capability for structural simulation.


  • Wide range of non-linear analysis procedures, including structural stress, explicit dynamics, thermal stress, heat transfer, pore fluid diffusion, and more.
  • Modern linear dynamics framework that includes high-performance eigen solvers, transient and steady-state dynamics, random response, and substructures.
  • Advanced material modelling capabilities encompassing metals, polymers, composites, concrete, and fracture mechanics.
  • Robust general contact capability for modelling complex interactions between large assemblies of parts.
  • High-performance solvers that minimize simulation turnaround time.

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