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IntelliJ IDEA

The IDE that makes development a more productive and enjoyable experience

IntelliJ IDEA is an intelligent, context-aware IDE for working with Java and other JVM languages like Kotlin, Scala, and Groovy on all sorts of applications. Additionally, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate can help you develop full-stack web applications, thanks to its powerful integrated tools, support for JavaScript and related technologies, and advanced support for popular frameworks like Spring, Spring Boot, Jakarta EE, Micronaut, Quarkus, Helidon. Moreover, you can extend IntelliJ IDEA with free plugins developed by JetBrains, allowing you to work with other programming languages, including Go, Python, SQL, Ruby, and PHP.

Smart Editor

Run and Debug


Web Development

Remote Development


Built-in Tools

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Why IntelliJ IDEA?

The Most Advanced Editor

Write high-quality code faster with coding assistance features that search for possible errors and provide improvement suggestions as you type while seamlessly educating you on community best practices in coding, new language features, and more.

Deep Code Understanding

IntelliJ IDEA knows everything about your code and uses this knowledge to offer blazing fast navigation and an intelligent experience by providing relevant suggestions in every context.

Collaborative and Remote

Work on a project with your team in real time. Create shared sessions to review code, debug, and more. Move your projects to the remote machine to harness the full power of IntelliJ IDEA on any laptop and boost your productivity.

Out-Of-The-Box Experience

Enjoy an unbeatable toolset right from the first launch. Mission-critical tools and a wide variety of supported languages and frameworks are at your fingertips – no plugin hassle included.


What’s New in IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1


  • New UI enhancements – Compact Mode has been introduced which provides a more consolidated look and feel of the IDE thanks to scaled-down spacing and elements. The new UI now offers an option to vertically split the tool window area and conveniently arrange the windows, just like in the old UI. The Run widget in the main window header has been redesigned so that its appearance is unobtrusive and easier on the eyes.
  • Earlier availability of IDE features on project opening – Improved the IDE startup experience by performing the ‘Scanning files to index’ process in smart mode. Doing so makes the IDE’s full functionality available much earlier in the startup process. When opening a project, this release uses existing caches from your previous session with the project and simultaneously looks for files to index. If no changes are found in the scan, the IDE will be ready, eliminating the delays that were previously caused by indexing on startup.
  • Faster import of Maven projects – Improved the IDE’s performance in importing Maven projects by optimizing dependency resolution as well as reworking the processes behind importing and configuring facets.
  • Background commit checks – Reworked the behavior of commit checks for Git and Mercurial to speed up the overall commit process. Checks are now performed in the background after you commit but before you push.
  • Navigation to Spring Security matchers and request mappings – To simplify seeing applied security rules, IntelliJ IDEA now provides easy navigation to security matchers from Spring controllers. The navigation works both from security matchers to controllers and vice versa.

System requirements for IntelliJ IDEA

  • Xcode 12.5-13.3
  • macOS 11 or higher
  • 2 GB free RAM minimum, 8 GB of total system RAM recommended
  • 2.5 GB hard disk space, SSD recommended
  • 1024×768 minimum screen resolution


License Options

JetBrains uses a subscription-based licensing model, allowing you to purchase yearly subscriptions that include all bug-fix updates. The new licensing model also includes perpetual fallback license grants. When purchasing an annual subscription, you will immediately get a perpetual fallback license for the exact version available at the time of your purchase.

Commercial Annual Subscription for legal entities, including companies and organizations (both for-profit and non-profit), requiring the software for general commercial use. A legal entity may use the software under the Business Subscription on any computer, operating system, and by any developer within a legal entity, provided that the total number of concurrent users never exceeds the number of subscriptions purchased by that legal entity.

Commercial Annual Subscription includes

  • Free unlimited email access to technical support and online support resources for the period of the Business Subscription
  • Free generally available bug fix upgrades, minor releases and major releases for the licensed JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA edition for the period of the Business Subscription
  • Available to any legal entity (companies and organizations, including non-profit and government)
  • The license is owned by the legal entity, not by an individual
  • Non-transferable restriction: Use of the software is restricted to the legal entity with no right to transfer. Companies and organizations can only transfer their licenses between employees and contractors
  • The licensed purpose of the use is general commercial usage
  • Multi-user license – the total number of concurrent software users cannot exceed the number of purchased subscriptions
  • The license term is time-limited, based on yearly subscription payments
  • Perpetual fallback license: Your license is NOT perpetual. The new licensing model includes perpetual fallback license grants. A perpetual fallback license is a license that allows you to use a specific version of the software after your Business Subscription expires. The specific version of the software you can fall back to using when your Business Subscription expires will be the exact version available at the time of your purchase

Comparison of Commercial and Personal License

Commercial Licence (Business and Organizations)

  • Available to: Any legal entity (companies and organisations, including non-profit and government)
  • Multi-user license: Yes, the total number of concurrent software users cannot exceed the number of purchased subscriptions
  • License term: Time-limited, based on monthly and yearly subscription payments
  • Fallback License grant: Yes, 12 preceding months of uninterrupted subscription payments are required

Personal Licence (Individual)

  • Available to: Private individuals purchasing with their own funds. Cannot be purchased or reimbursed by companies
  • Multi-user license: No, the software can be used solely by the person who purchased a subscription
  • License term: Time-limited, based on monthly and yearly subscription payments
  • Fallback License grant: Yes, 12 preceding months of uninterrupted subscription payments are required


IntelliJ IDEA Support

In the subscription, the following Support and Maintenance with JetBrains is included.

  • Unlimited access to technical support via e-mail
  • Free upgrades to all minor and major releases, including bug fixes