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Article Galaxy

Unlock the Power of Scientific Research with Article Galaxy

Article Galaxy is an award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) research intelligence platform that provides data-driven insights and once-click access to scientific, technical and medical (STM) content at the lowest legal cost, filtering against Open Access, subscriptions, publisher pay-per-view tokens and even full-text rentals.

Corporations, academic institutions, and government organizations worldwide rely on Article Galaxy for copyright-compliant access to scientific, technical and medical content when subscriptions don’t yet exist.

Features include:

  • Full-text journal content 24/7 – any article, any publisher
  • Lowest cost acquisition filtering to optimize spending
  • Seamless and mobile-friendly viewing on smartphones and tablets
  • Trending article stats, availability options and re-use rights at a glance.
  • An ecosystem of app-like gadgets for automated data insights


What is Article Galaxy?

Introducing Article Galaxy Widget

The Widget is a researcher’s dream come true. The tool extracts citation lists from your preferred search and discovery environment for easy viewing and filtering.

Article Galaxy is the top-rated document delivery platform that improves research through a proprietary solution design that makes it practical, simple, flexible and helpful. Document delivery supports critical research, fills content gaps within library collections, and lowers unnecessary spending by ensuring maximum use from existing content investments before individual journal articles are purchased.

Research-driven organizations worldwide rely on Article Galaxy as the most practical, simple, flexible and helpful document delivery solution for fast and legal access to copyrighted journal content.

Features include:

  • Full-text journal content 24/7 – any article from any publisher.
  • Seamless integration with popular databases & search tools.
  • Lowest cost acquisition filtering to optimize spending
  • Instant in-browser access to content from many major publishers.
  • Authentication into paid databases & subscriptions.

Get More from Your Existing Content Technology Investments

The link resolver technology enables users to access, buy and rent full-text articles at the point of discovery within the native user interface of your preferred discovery environments, third-party literature management systems, or company research portals.

Speed up time-to-papers by providing users with an easier alternative to visiting multiple websites and using a credit card for each transaction. It provides instant access to content and rapidly clears copyright on your behalf, providing you with a transactional approach to copyright compliance.

Practical content acquisition with Article Galaxy


By virtue of optimized content acquisition strategies augmented by cost-saving algorithms and other technologies, data-driven Article Galaxy provides the lowest total cost of ownership, along with the most reliable and fastest article delivery time possible.

Eliminate friction in content acquisition.


Eliminate friction in content acquisition. Whether enabling article ordering without leaving the discovery platform, automation of routine processes, providing instantaneous article access, or resolving copyright, reduce complexity to deliver satisfying user experiences.

Your way of working.


Article Galaxy conforms to your way of working. Unlike other service providers that may force one-size-fits-all solutions or require conformance to fixed workflows, handcraft custom, highly scalable workflows according to your specific needs and ways of doing business, keeping you in control.

Article Galaxy supports the full spectrum of your needs globally, 24/7.


Article Galaxy supports the full spectrum of your needs globally, 24/7.  From managing and supporting day-to-day tactical urgencies to informing your long-term strategic planning, it’s explicitly structured to help you maximize the productivity of your knowledge operations.

How it works

You only need a modern web browser! The widget is dragged and dropped onto your toolbar and whenever you find an article you wish to buy or rent copyrights for, click the “Inject Article Galaxy” bookmark in your web browser toolbar. 

Reprint Desk’s powerful research intelligence platform, is technically advanced yet convenient for you to use. Simply order by email, by Article Galaxy dashboard online or directly from popular websites such as PubMed or Google Scholar using the Widget.


Article Galaxy Support

Alfasoft provides free technical support to all our customers.

Please describe your problem as detailed as possible when contacting our support. Remember to always inform about your serial-/license number, product version and your operating system.

Licenses and Prices

Get More From Your Content Investment

You only pay delivery fees per document, plus the publisher’s copyright charges.

No hidden markup fees or rush charges! Optionally, you can upgrade to an annual license fee to include many of the value-added services:

  • Library Portal Solutions
  • Copyright-Compliant Article Repository
  • Link Resolver Technology
  • Citation Management and Alerting
  • And more
Article Galaxy checks all sources for your article.

Article Galaxy Pricing Model

  • Document delivery service fees
  • Copyright royalty charges
  • Transactional or annual platform fee for value-add services