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XLSTAT Releases New Version

    XLSTAT contour plot chart

    Improved User Experience and Advanced Features

    XLSTAT, a powerful statistics software integrating with Microsoft Excel, has released a new version designed to provide a smarter, better, and faster user experience. The new version boasts an improved navigation ribbon, faster software speed, easy access to analyses and resources, and customizable software launch preferences.

    Enhanced User Experience

    The updated XLSTAT ribbon has been beautifully organized for easy access to features, reducing the time it takes to navigate the software and improving productivity. The ribbon also includes a feedback submission tool, allowing users to submit comments and suggestions in real time, removing any barriers to providing feedback.

    Users can now choose when they want XLSTAT to load in their Excel ribbon, giving them the flexibility to remove it from Excel and load it only when required.

    Advanced Features for Sensory Data Analysis

    The new version of XLSTAT includes state-of-the-art features and improvements that enhance visualization capabilities, allowing users to explore their sensory data analysis more deeply.

    The Flash Profiling feature enables users to quickly and efficiently analyze their Flash profiling tasks with pre-defined analyses, saving time and ensuring confident analysis.

    The Contour Plot feature allows users to create insightful contour plots on their 3D matrix, visualizing three variables in a chart in two dimensions. This feature is particularly helpful when determining several associations simultaneously.

    The Sensory Discrimination Tests feature allows users to test the similarity or difference between two products and perform a 2-AFC two-tailed test without a priori knowledge of which product is stronger.

    The RATA Data Analysis feature provides more precise data analysis with complete descriptions of the results and improved reports. It presents the distribution of answers per attribute value using bar charts and showcases results per product via boxplots.

    Improved Performance and Stability

    The new version of XLSTAT includes several improvements to performance and stability. The Dataviz tool, which proposes several graphs adapted to the user’s data and needs, is now more stable and performs better. The Non-Linear Regression feature has been dramatically improved, with computation time up to 1000 times faster, particularly when handling user-defined functions.

    How to Get the New Version

    The new version of XLSTAT is recommended for all users. Those with a valid XLSTAT license and access to maintenance and upgrades can download the new version for free. Users currently using the trial version can purchase a license to access the new features. Those who have never tried XLSTAT before can download a free trial to experience the new version.

    To learn more about the new features and enhancements in XLSTAT 2024.1, you can join the upcoming webinar on June 20, 2024, at 11 a.m. EDT.

    Free Trial version

    Never tried XLSTAT statistics software before? Download your 14-day free trial today!